We’re Your Roof Maintenance Partner

Owning and managing a building comes with many responsibilities. Perhaps none are as important as ensuring your building’s roof is in top condition. Our area is prone to some of Mother Nature’s most extreme weather events that take a toll on your building’s roof. Hail, hurricanes, windstorms and even the occasional tornado all damage roofing. When your roof is properly maintained, it can better stand up to whatever storm comes through our area. That’s why you should partner with Kirtley & Sons Roofing on all your maintenance needs.

How Proactive Roof Maintenance Benefits You

According to Buildings.com, building owners who choose proactive maintenance over reactive roof repair spend an average of 11 cents less per square foot of roof. The roof itself also lasts eight years longer on average. That means you could spend less on commercial roof repair and less on roof replacement over the life of the building.

Regular maintenance also helps prevent small issues from becoming big problems that can impact the day-to-day operations inside your building. A roof leak can damage inventory, disrupt normal workflow – and it looks bad to your customers. Don’t let an unmaintained roof cost you more than just the roof repair because of the damage it does to your inventory and operations.

When you call us for a free estimate on a roofing maintenance plan, we’ll start with a thorough roof inspection. We’ll advise you of any immediate roof repair needs we see, and provide you with a roof maintenance plan based on the current state of your roof.

Commercial Roof Repair

Of course, there are times, even with proper maintenance, that your roof becomes damaged. Too much foot traffic, birds or pests, installation of new equipment on the roof and extreme weather can all unexpectedly damage your roof. We offer full commercial roof repair services on all roofing types. Don’t let an unexpected roof leak impact your business. Let our roof repair experts find the source of the leak and repair it quickly.

No two roofs are the same, so we never quote a roof maintenance plan without starting with a roof inspection. Get started with your free inspection today by calling (281) 370-8484 or filling out our contact form.