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Roof Repair Houston – Kirtley & Sons Roofing specializes in both commercial and residential roof repair. Over the years, we've become roof repair experts. We have the knowledge along with years of experience under our belts. We can meet your needs no matter the size and scope of the job.


Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

  • Inspect your roof on a regular basis!
  • Check for fungus or algae.
  • Check the flashing.
  • Inspect the attic.
  • Gutter Maintenance.




Kirtley & Sons Roofing offers services for both commercial and residential waterproofing in Houston, TX and surrounding towns. We have provided service in 11 states for clients needing all different types of waterproofing from clear base waterproofing, to acrylics and elastomerics. So no matter what the need may be, Kirtley & Sons Roofing will be happy to evaluate and make a recommendation for your particular situation.


From removing an existing roof to applying the topcoat, the roofing contractors at Kirtley & Sons Roofing will re-roof your residential/commercial building to best suit your needs. With our quality of work and years of experience, we have helped numerous companies and families save money and time by creating a better roofing system than their previous roof.